Should You Bring Your Car To Campus? Here Are The Costs


Bringing your car to campus would offer you a lot of convenience, especially if you have an off-campus job or internship. However, students should also take note of the costs that come along with bringing their cars to campus.

USA Today noted that students should check with their school's transportation office for details on campus parking policies. There are some universities such as Syracuse University and the University of Miami that don't allow freshmen to bring their cars.

There are three costs that students need to prepare for if they truly want to bring their cars to school. First, prepare for parking fees. There are several colleges that require students to apply for a pass in order to park inside the campus.

These passes usually cost hundreds of dollars per semester, depending on the school as well as the location of your designated lot. Prepare for replacement fees for lost passes and parking tickets as well.

Second, notify your insurer if you're bringing your car to a school that's more than 100 miles from your home. Moreover, for those who are enrolled in an out-of-state school, insurance policies may need to be adjusted since auto insurance requirements are different per state. This could cause the price of your policy to increase or decrease, depending on where you're headed.

Lastly, students will need to prepare for gas money. The cost will depend on how much you use your car, though.

There are costs to not having a car on campus as well. Public transportation passes are one of the expenses that students need to prepare for. Check out monthly or annual passes for the bus or subway if these are the convenient ways for you to go around your campus or college town.

If you have a car at home, your car still needs to be insured. However, your parents may be able to get a discount on the policy since you won't be using it regularly. Furthermore, students should also prepare a budget for their transportation going home for weekend visits and holiday breaks.

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