$1 Billion Budget For Early Childhood Education: Jumpstart To Academic Success? [VIDEO]


The roadmap to successful academic platform has been drawn with the U.S. Education Department's expanded $1 Billion or more federal budget all focused on early childhood education! A federally-sponsored program covering approximately 20 states in the U.S., it has recently been approved and is awaiting eventual release by the Department today.

The program sees to it that at least $1 Billion or more budget rate is allotted to the early education domains in the 20 states in America, Washington Post reported.

Eventually, the program covers and replenishes the needs of early education for the main purpose of producing successful academics in the future.

Early childhood education had proven to be the most critical phase in an individual's life as it lays ahead the academic foundation.

Thus, it is very crucial that education programs like these should be equally accommodating to any student backgrounds from low-income family origins to disability statuses.

Worthy to note in the midst of this hullabaloos in early childhood education is the overbearing class stratifying-methodologies among various programs in the Washington.

Very concrete representations of such academic fiasco are the Head Start and pre-K programs, the Post and Courier reported.

These programs might appear successful in facilitating efficient preschool education to most kids, but the truth is that these are not affordable to all!

Obviously, what causes the flipside in these almost too-good-to-be-true cases is the class stratification.

Thus, no matter how good-intentioned the programs appear to be, leaving the low-income students lagging behind every Math, Language or History subjects is unfortunately, still inevitable amongst them, Washington Post again reported.

As a result, concerned politicians and academics are now developing strategies for expanding early education budget through taxes, the Post and Courier again reported.

Subsequently, the all-new expanded $1 Billion budget and investment for early childhood education comes in as both a process and a result.

One cannot immediately say that things would instantly turn out great given this advantage. As Clinton would put it, "Let's figure out what's working", Huffington Post reported.

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