ASU Sorority Denies $200,000 Price Tag On Recruitment Video


One of Arizona State University's sororities has gained backlash for its extravagant recruitment video which was said to have cost thousands of dollars. The Alpha Phi sorority has denied the allegations.

Earlier this month, Teen Vogue reported that the ASU sorority's recruitment video seems similar to the viral University of Miami's Delta Gamma video which was estimated to have cost between $200,000 and $400,000. The publication noted that Alpha Phi's recruitment ad could have also racked up a similar bill.

"Technically, the point of a sorority is philanthropy, so that $200,000+ could have been donated to the Alpha Phi foundation, which benefits cardiac research," Teen Vogue wrote. "Or, you know, could have paid for a few sisters' four-year tuition bills. The video also skips the studying, volunteer work, and leadership training that comes with sorority life."

The video featured Alpha Phi sorority members going on a desert adventure. It showed the sisters riding in a pink Jeep off-road, doing backflips off the side of a cliff as well as going on a hot air balloon tour.

According to USA Today, Alpha Phi International Fraternity executive director Linda Kahangi denies the claims of a hefty price tag. "While our Arizona State chapter appreciates the implied compliment on the quality of their video, I can assure you that it did not cost that much to produce," she said in a statement.

"With today's technology, a talented artistic team can produce a video like that for a few thousand dollars and that is what our chapter spent as well. The chapter's marketing team, all college undergraduates, planned and produced the video using their own market research on what would appeal to incoming freshman women."

Moreover, Kahangi revealed that the ASU sorority recruitment video was paid through funds collected from member dues and savings. The Alpha Phi sorority's Arizona State chapter has more than 200 members.

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