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Marijuana Legalized by The House; After Mothers Plead

Apr 18, 2016 AM EDT Pennsylvania native and mother, Latrisha Bentch, talked in front of supporters in Capitol Rotunda who requested the House to legalize marijuana

4 Problem-Solving Advices Wrapped in Commencement Speech From Steve Jobs, Oprah, and Many Others [VIDEO]

Apr 18, 2016 AM EDT The commencement speech in a graduation day is often a common cliché, but these words of wisdom addressed to the grads are so inspiring that they linger forever

University of Iowa is Taking Museum to Schools

Apr 18, 2016 AM EDT The University of Iowa has made a more accessible educational approach by launching a mobile museum that goes to schools.

Chelsea Clinton To Endorse Mom in Pennsylvania Campaign

Apr 18, 2016 AM EDT This time it is Chelsea Clinton that will take a role in the campaign.

Salford Researchers to Showcase Salsa at Vegas’ Biggest Broadcasting Exhibition

Apr 16, 2016 AM EDT The two researchers from Acoustics Research Group will demonstrate a new format in audio that will benefit live shows

This New Technology Proves You Don't Need GPS

Apr 16, 2016 AM EDT SABEL Sense is changing the game. It is a wearable technology that can help sports players to track their speeds and performance.

Why Two Women Raise Money To Fund Terrifyingly Aggressive Red Devil Squid

Apr 16, 2016 AM EDT Two biologists from Carleton University are studying the terrifyingly aggressive Red Devil Squid to see if its traits can apply to human or medical needs.

Apple's New Macbook Will Be Keyboardless? Details Here!

Apr 16, 2016 AM EDT The days where you peck on laptop keyboards to type will soon be over. Apple has just obtained its patented technology of keyboards without keys.

Princeton Students Refuse To Honor Former President Woodrow Wilson, Calling Him A Racist

Apr 16, 2016 AM EDT The outrage expressed by the college students demanding the removal of a racist from their school buildings

25-Year-Old Student Purchased £750 Van To Stay Debt-Free

Apr 15, 2016 AM EDT 25-year-old Jamie Waddington makes his van, his home. In his attempt to avoid high living cost in Leeds, Waddington refuses to find a flatmate and prefer to sleep on the road. His daily lifestyle ...

Medical Education Cost Linked To Students' Drinking Problem, Study Confirms

Apr 15, 2016 AM EDT A recent study on alcohol addiction has just added a new finding that proved med students are at risk of having drinking problems. Pressure in studying and debt are the two major causes of the abuse.

Cancer Patients Should Participate In Choir, Study Says

Apr 15, 2016 AM EDT Singing makes people feel good, but it does far more than that.

How To Be Qualified At Any Job? Experts Answer

Apr 15, 2016 AM EDT Many of college students relate to the idea of a dream job, but after reading the description, feeling that there's no way you'd be hired. To have an amazing job, according to experts, you only need ...

Two Southern University Students Shot Dead After Gunfire Exchange

Apr 15, 2016 AM EDT The Southern University mourns the death of two female students killed in a gunfire exchange.

Dentist And FNU Alumni Dr. Murias Talks About Drill Driver

Apr 14, 2016 AM EDT For a doctor who's devoted to enhancing teeth structure, Murias understands the issues commonly happening in dental clinics

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