This New Technology Proves You Don't Need GPS


SABEL Sense is changing the game. It is a wearable technology that can help sports players to track their speeds and performance

The newly developed technology could be replacing GPS in areas where it is absence in recording athlete's performances. For instance, a Global Positioning System relies on satellites or network in order to function. When used indoor, a GPS may have a limitation in tracking speed or direction. Dr. Jono Neville claims his invention as an alternative to GPS.

In the published journal, SABEL Sense managed to track a runner's performance and speed with higher level of accuracy. The Griffith University researcher said that the device has been used by AFL players and proved to have obtained more accurate data than what GPS accomplished.

According to the engineer, technology is a driving force that allows this type of device to have an important place in the sports industry. GPS, however, is still number one technology being used in the sporting world today despite its limitation to changes of distance and speed.

Dr. Neville told Brisbane Times that unlike the GPS System that only records longitude and latitude, SABEL Sense is adapt to the high rates or acceleration without relying on satellites. SABEL Sense technology prevents athletes from overtraining.

Dr. Neville further explains how SABEL Sense uses a single inertial sensor to monitor workloads, allowing athletes to know if he or she is over training. Many of professional young athletes experience burnout syndrome and injuries for taking training session too far.

Using this technology, monitoring an athlete's performance can be done inside or outside the lab as the data is stored in the Sense device wirelessly. It also helps for easy controlling without any restriction. Furthermore, Sense technology is said to be flexible and can fit areas such as biomechanical, rehabilitation studies or according to the requirements.

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