Princeton Students Refuse To Honor Former President Woodrow Wilson, Calling Him A Racist


The outrage expressed by the college students demanding the removal of a racist from their school buildings.

Princeton students protest on the naming of their Public and International Affairs school after Woodrow Wilson. Ted Cruz, Princeton grad and presidential candidate for the Republican Party, even called these students as pampered teenagers. However, these students have their own reason to protest.

According to the Princeton students, Woodrow Wilson was a racist that did not seem to represent the campus' equality right. They disapprove the name to appear in one of the college majors due to the fact that the former president was an advocate of racial separation, stating that black people were "happy to be called so." According to the Washington Post, the students' request to remove his name from the residential college and that the mural of him in the dining hall must also be taken down.

Racial issues have been coloring the United States as the clashes happen in many sectors. Many race-related debates have been a political need instead of a serious concern.

The protest, however, did not lead to renaming the school. Officials of the Princeton University announced that the school will continue to bear Woodrow Wilson name. According to the university committee, students should reflect on the positive side of the 28th president in an honor to his achievements, -- which is the reason why the school is named after him -- without having to point out his failures.

The university administration and the Black Justice League reached an agreement of removing former President's mural from the dining hall but regarding the rename, University President Christopher Eisgruber is said to discuss further on the topic along with many other lists demanded.

The issue has made headlines and many have said to be surprised in finding out such complex history of Woodrow Wilson.

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