Apple's New Macbook Will Be Keyboardless? Details Here!


The days where you peck on laptop keyboards to type will soon be over. Apple has just obtained its patented technology of keyboards without keys.  

Apple will soon enable you to type on a flat surface. The giant company filed a patent on the force-sensitive keyboard.

The complete description of this technology is a "configurable force-sensitive input structure for electronic devices." Similar to touchscreen input, there will be no physical keyboards on the.

The all-in-one input interface patent includes descriptions such as the structure enclosed within the chassis. This means that Apple will be replacing Macbook's physical touchpad, keyboard and palm rest with a touc surface that's visible once you unfold the device.

Furthermore, the patent filed in September 2015 mentions the unlimited possibilities of having the flat-surface keyboards on any other devices aside from Macbook. Thus, any computing device in various industries like health, sports, or arts will be able to utilize the input structure.

Another great benefit of the keyboard is that users can change the structure map, creating shortcuts according to their own preference.

Keyboards that will be made from metal could make Apple's future device the thinnest laptop. However, analysts doubt that Apple would release such product as many of the patented items were not even available up to this day.

According to Business Insider, albeit not making any public announcement on a new release that will utilize the patented force-touch, Apple might consider heading to a new direction, migrating to a completely flat touch surface.

The tech company is popularly known for their secretive schemes before they launch anything to avoid competitors from copying their masterpieces. Before the force touch, Apple already filed a solar cell that can use sunlight to charge iPhone so users will be freely mobile without relying on cables. These patents outline how fascinating technology can be.

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