5 Ways To Lessen College Tuition Fee Cost [VIDEO]


Students are already aware of the student loan debt problem so they are more careful in choosing their major and the school they will go to. With this growing concern, it is still not impossible for students to get to college with a low tuition fee cost.

Make adjustments on food and housing

Most of the college expenses, such as the cost of credit, is fixed but that doesn't mean students cannot make any adjustments. According to a study conducted by the Wisconsin HOPE Lab, most colleges over-calculate college expenses by more than $3,000, especially when it comes to housing and food. That gives students a lot of with a lot of wiggle room. Two areas where students can save money is to find cheaper housing and food. In some areas, buying a house is cheaper than renting one. Another option is to live off-campus which will save a lot of money.

Pay student loan on time

According to Student Loan Hero, 71 percent of students who graduate have student debt. Once the loan is disbursed, its interest start accumulating. So, if a student borrowed $5000 with a 3.9 percent interest, he can choose to repay it as an interest-only payment while in school. This will have a great impact in his monthly payment over the long term.

Study abroad

It was reported previously here on University Herald that a lot of colleges and universities in Europe are offering either low-cost or free tuition fee. For example, universities in Germany have been free since 2014 as well as in Norway and Luxembourg. However, there are also trade-offs to this as some cities, like Norway, have a high cost of living.

Go to college with a few credits

Earning a few credits from community colleges or some cheaper institution, AP courses, and CLEP exams can help students lower their tuition fee cost. The cost per credit at a public institution is $135 compared to a private university where tuition is $1000 per credit.

Make friends with the loan aid officer

The tuition fee varies every semester depending on the workload. Even scholarship awards may vary depending on the amount of money the school receives from its alumni and other donors; thus, it makes sense for students to establish a good relationship with their school's loan officer. A good relationship can earn students some extra favor which is very handy when negotiating for a loan aid.

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