Free College Is Luring American Students To Relocate To Europe


Most, if not all, students view college as a ticket to much better and bigger opportunities. However, the rising cost of tuition fees as well as student loan rates have made a lot of students rather pessimistic about the future. On the other hand, Europe is presenting a tempting offer of a free tuition fee which are luring many students from the United States to relocate.

Europe is becoming the top destination of students, not for vacation but for the reality of going to college. That's because a lot of universities in Europe are offering very low or free tuition. A lot of European universities are offering programs that are below $2,500 a year compared to the universities in the United States which are around $9,000 to $30,000 a year.

According to a report on CNN Money, there are at least 44 schools in Europe that allow students to earn a bachelor's degree free of charge. All public universities in Iceland, Finland, Germany, and Norway are, in fact, free of charge.

For example, one American student who attends the University of Deggendorf in Germany said that she only pays $50 for administrative fee every semester. As for her board and lodging, she said that she gets to spend $420 a month for insurance and rent.

Students who are already studying in Europe advise fellow students who are planning to study there that although the tuition fee is free, they should be ready to make adjustments because the learning style is different.

In Germany, for example, students usually spend a grueling 10 hours of study every day. That means you have no time to look for a side job. Another student who goes to Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia said that a lot of professors there do not give or recommend text books because they believe that a lot of materials can already be accessed online.

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