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Nintendo Switch Dwarfs Other Nintendo Portable Console With ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ Despite Supply Constraints [VIDEO]


Nintendo is in releasing streak of its portable consoles including revamps and brand new technology and design. However, it has been facing supply issues missing out the right demand number of console units to produce. But Nintendo Switch rises up against the situation and proves itself to be the best.

Nintendo Switch debuted back in March as the latest face of the company's hardware breakthrough. The tablet-console hybrid followed the launch of Nintendo NES Classic Edition launched back in November 2016. This year, Nintendo 2DS XL is slated to open Nintendo's second-semester lineup, Ars Technica reported.

Among the three portable consoles, Nintendo Switch takes the lead in terms of screen resolution. It dwarfs the other three tier during the "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" testing. The result shows a dramatically better looking portable version of Mario Kart c ever before, Twitter user Nibellion tweeted.

However, the Switch has some kind of insanely pixel-dense screen. For example, the integrated display to be used to play undocked only has a 1280x720 resolution in 6.2-inch screen. Technically, this is not the best graphical quality for consoles.

It is a testament to the upsetting low-resolution displays that Nintendo has gotten away with in its portable consoles in the past years. The Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS runs at just 400 x 240 on a 4.88-inch screen on a 3DS XL. The thing is technically worse than most smartwatch resolution, The Verge reported.

Meanwhile, Switch is capable of outputting 720p up to 1080p max when docked for larger advantage. However, the HD capacity of Switch does not eliminate the roles of other Nintendo portable consoles.

Conversely, Nintendo Switch and other consoles have been in supply constraints as of late. According to Reggie Fils-Aimé, president of Nintendo of America, they create a plan but build their programs against that plan. Their consideration lies on what they see in the marketplace which sometimes they get wrong.


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