‘Dragon Ball’ ‘Uncharted’ Plus More Big Licences That Should Be In Telltale Games’ Episodic Saga [REPORT]

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Telltale Games has successfully managed to create game series out of TV series and movie blockbusters. Some of its content also are also spin-offs of another game. However, its feat should be sustained and fans will surely be happy to see their favorite contents turn into games the Telltale Games style.

Recently, Telltale Games has dropped Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series" Episode 1. Reviews are raving about the game providing a very satisfying gameplay and very engaging storyline which momentarily calmed the excitement of fans for the upcoming movie, Adventure Gamers reported.

But aside from this, Telltale Games should also bring other titles fans have either been enjoying or missing. One of the best content to consider is the "Dragon Ball" series. The series is already battle full and to bring in Telltale's element they should bring Goku as a kid.

Another good license to acquire is "Uncharted." Telltale could accommodate this title and add up more kick focusing on storytelling and puzzle solving which could do wonders for keeping the series relevant. In addition, is not good to play young Victor Sullivan outside a mediocre shooting fest?

"Star Trek: The Next Generation" is undoubtedly one of the most loved fantasy series ever produced. This will somehow work out as an episodic game series and Telltale could take advantage of especially that it involved space exploration and captivating storyline, PlayStation Lifestyle added.

There has not been a Simpsons game after the LEGO Dimensions. Thus, with "The Simpsons" longevity and satirical episodes, Telltale Games could make use of its comedic chops and impressive characters. In addition, interactive episodes will do best for young and adults alike.

Telltale Games may also consider betting on WWE series. Sports-inspired contents are rarely visible in the gaming world but the WWE brand is astoundingly recognizable. Other titles that could be considered are Animal Man, Bioshock, Arrested Development and Metal Gear Solid.

Do you think Telltale Games should put one of these licenses in their element?


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