Microsoft Exec Teases ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ At E3 2017 As Pressure Arise From Sony’s Dominance, Nintendo Resurgence [VIDEO]

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Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 (E3 2017) is just a month away until tech developers and gaming gathers up to witness the biggest unveiling of the year including "Red Dead Redemption 2." Insiders suggest fans get ready for the biggest rivalry to unfold between Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

Among the three big companies, Microsoft is currently in a crucial position as Sony emerges as the top performer in terms of success in contents and hardware. Meanwhile, Nintendo's NES Classic Edition and Switch consoles are cementing its stronghold for hardware. Therefore, Microsoft's standing lies on what is in store in its game lineup at E3 2017.

To set the tone right, Xbox exec Phil Spencer teases what wraps up Microsoft's E3 games line-up. He shared what to look up this year across the board is fantastic. He also noted that games like "Red Dead Redemption 2" and "Star Wars" would be best played in the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, Click Lancashire reported.

According to Spencer, this would be an incredible year for Microsoft third party and first party games. He had the opportunity to try out the third party stuff while it is his first time to experience the first party contents which might be launched at E3 2017.

In addition, the Xbox main man noted that the creativity and diversity of Microsoft's Games at 2017 E3 will be fantastic. There will also be a game similar to "Destiny 2" which he was able to try first-hand when he visited Bungie studio, Gaming Bolt added.

He also hinted that "Red Dead Redemption 2" and "Star Wars" game including those games that has not been announced yet like "Mordor" could be launched this year. The previous year is arguably the year for shooter games and Microsoft could U-turn from their and introduce other content.

Therefore, Microsoft is ready to bring meaningful games at E3 2017. Perhaps, the "Red Dead Redemption 2."


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