'Winds of Winter' Theory: There Could Be Another Greenseer Hidden In Plain Sight Aside From Bran [VIDEO]


"A Song of Ice and Fire" author George RR Martin is notoriously famous for hiding clues in past events that will play significant importance in the future of each character. Knowing this for a fact, fans of the book series are keen in overseeing even the slightest of details in the previous books. This creates a theory that might unfolds in "Winds of Winter."

A new theory that says, aside from Bran and the late Three-Eyed Raven, there could be another greenseer hidden in the plain sight. This is concluded by a fan who believes that the said theory could unfold in "Winds of Winter." The following article development contains spoilers.

According to Reddit's "Winds of Winter" theory, Bran has encountered a character having the same magical attributes in "A Storm of Swords." In the theory, the alleged greenseer could be one who has been merged with a white weirwood tree whom signs of humanity have been long gone where only a hint of consciousness is left.

The Reddit user added that it happens when Sam ushered the young Stark into the Black Gate at the Nightfort. Martin has vividly described the scene with intense description on how Bran and his pack were allowed to pass through.

The clue which may lead to "Winds of Winter" storyline appears after the opening of the Black Gate. The fan believes that it was the said weirwood that opened the Black Gate entrance and allowed Bran and his companions to pass through.

According to the theory, the said mystical character could be another greenseer or, if not, another magical creature that possess the same magical abilities. Also, this presumed greenseer could have lived for about 8000 years already which could have taken part in building the wall.

Moreover, this theory can also be confirmed when "Winds of Winter" arrives which fans hope to contain further information about the greenseers, children of the forrest and other magical creatures dwelling in the sevel kingdom.

Meanwhile, Martin is reportedly eyeing June release date for "Winds of Winter", Traveler's Today reported.


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