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‘Pokemon GO’ Summer 2017 Will Make AR Gaming History With PvP, New Legendary, Shiny Pokemons [VIDEO]


"Pokemon GO" marks its first year anniversary of its launch that changed the gaming landscape this Summer 2017. When Niantic introduced AR and its content, gamers raved for the title and get up from their dens to explore the outside world to capture artificial reality monsters.

This year, massive upgrades and new features are coming in "Pokemon GO" Summer 2017. Although the AR game has encountered a noticeable decline in its following, it has never really gone out of place having no real competition in its market, Forbes reported.

What "Pokemon GO" did last summer is nothing like the game and entertainment world has ever witnessed. The hyped is lit and Niantic is set to bring back that same intensity in the game as its plan to introduce the PvP feature with new legendary Pokémon coming in.

Although nothing has been confirmed as of late, the new PvP feature is likely to highly "Pokemon GO's comeback. The said feature has previously been expected to arrive earlier this year. However, in the word of "Pokemon GO director John Hank, the release date of this feature is quite near.

According to Reddit user MichaelTheCactus, Hank noted that Legendary Pokemon are being treated with care and will have certain limitations at Gyms. This is taken as a hint as to why the said feature is pushed for a much later date.

Tactically, the delay of the PvP feature falls in favor of Niantic's plan to put "Pokemon GO" back in its previous affluence. In addition, there are also talks regarding in-game changes that will come sometime next quarter. Claims say that the upcoming Shiny Pokemon release has implored dramatic changes in Pokemon encounters, Pokemon GO Hub added.

Moreover, Pokemon GO will introduce nine Gen 1 and Gen 2 legendaries. For the Gen 1 legendaries, they are Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres and Mewtwo. While Gen 2 includes Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia and Ho-Oh.

Are you excited for "Pokemon GO" Summer 2017?


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