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‘GTA 5’ Awesome Mod Inserts Rick Sanchez From ‘Rick And Morty’ Into Game [VIDEO]


Players will definitely enjoy the upcoming mod for "GTA 5" because it will add a "Rick and Morty" character into the game. This will be the perfect mod to try out before "Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality" gets released soon.

"Rick and Morty" Comes To "GTA 5" In Style

For players who are fans of the "Rick and Morty" show and fantasized of bringing the characters into "GTA 5," they do not have to look any further because their wish has been granted apparently. The Rick Sanchez Add-On will allow them to add the alcoholic genius scientist's character model in the game, and on the streets of Los Santos, PC Gamer reported.

The mod will have Rick Sanchez's hilarious made-up catchphrases, which will be fun for the players who will be using the mod. It is recommended that players also add the pre-existing "Rick and Morty" spaceship mod to complete the set.

"Rick and Morty" "GTA 5" Mod Video Showcases Character Gameplay

A "GTA 5" "Rick and Morty" Mod video, which can be viewed below, showcased the gameplay of the mod in the game. It showed a number of clone Ricks fighting against police officers at full wanted level. Another scene showed his spaceship flying from a helipad and flying around the town

"GTA Online" Launches Land Grab Adversary Mode

In other "GTA 5" related news, its multiplayer mode, "GTA Online" acquired a new method to play just recently, which is the Land Grab Adversary Mode. This is a new team-vs.-team battle mode where teams battle to control territory. Players will have to shoot the others, grab a part of their territory, and just repeat that until they control all of it, according to the official website of Rockstar Games.

This new "GTA Online" Adversary Mode will allow up to four teams to duke it out while wearing familiar neon suits. It will be available in seven new maps, where players have to claim territory from other teams by force and marking it with their own neon color. The one with the most territory will win the match, Gamespot reported.

Check out the "GTA 5" Mod - Rick Sanchez video below:

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