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‘Battlefield 1’ Premium Members To Get Free Map Soon [VIDEO]


"Battlefield 1" Premium members will rejoice because they will get a free map called Nivelle Nights this coming June. This is just part of the video game's roadmap for the months to come, which they promised a while ago.

"Battlefield 1" Premium Members Gets One Free Map

All of the subscribers of the Premium membership of "Battlefield 1" will get the free map called Nivelle Nights, which will be available in June. The free map will be set in the Chemin de Dames, which was set in France in 1917. This was the time where the forces of France and Germany were fighting to hold the territory, Gamespot reported.

"Battlefield 1" Nivelle Nights Map Details

Players will have to fight through the darkness of the night over the muddy battlefields around Malmaison and Soupir. The French and German batteries will be firing each other with their batteries to support their troops. They will also have to go through the dark trenches with only the moon, the searchlights, and the artillery lights to light their way, according to the official website of "Battlefield 1."

This new map looks very similar to a night level from the single-player campaign. The Nivelle Nights free map will not be part of any of "Battlefield 1's" upcoming expansions. This will be the first time game developer DICE has released a map for the Premium members only that is not also part of an expansion pack.

"Battlefield 1" Begins The Easter Dog Tag Mission

In other "Battlefield 1" related news, DICE has also started a new mission for the players, which lets them get the Easter dog tag. They also revived the old Road to "Battlefield 1" dog tag mission. These missions will start on April 12 and will end on April 18, PVP Live reported.

For the Easter dog tag mission, players have to join a party with someone on their friends list, and win one match in the video game. For the Road to "Battlefield 1" mission, they will only need to log into "Battlefield 4" and get 25 kills between April 12 and April 18. There will be no requirement on how they can obtain the kills.

Check out the "Battlefield 1" Official They Shall Not Pass Trailer video below:

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