Blizzard Shares Exciting News About 'Diablo 3'; Still Blur On Rise Of The Necromancer Release Date


Blizzard's popular hack and slash game "Diablo 3" is getting another cache of more detailed information this week. The gaming giant has just announced new details about the game, including the upcoming patch 2.5.0, Seasons 10 and some details about the Rise of Necromancer pack. Blizzard made the big announcement this week.

First on the discussion would be the much-awaited the Rise of the Necromancer, which still has no official launch date. But Blizzard has managed to share some little bit of information about the upcoming update. The Rise of The Necromancer pack is one of the several big updates coming to "Diablo 3," and will be loaded with free patches.

In a recent interview with the UK-based publication Express Online, Blizzard lead game producer Rob Foote along with Blizzard senior game designer Matthew Berger have made some good discussion about the upcoming pack, however, they didn't make any further comment about the release date. Instead, the two have talked a lot and discussed the much-awaited "Diablo 3" Season 10 event, which expected to arrive later this month.

Blizzard first announced last November 2016 that the game's Seasons will hit the game console sometime this year. And this week, Blizzard has finally confirmed on the Diablo official Twitter account that Diablo 3's Seasons will be going live on PS4 and Xbox One with Season 10 on March 31, Friday.

In a recent post, Blizzard made some big announcement that fans would now be able to experience something new. Blizzard stated that PS4 and Xbox One owners will now be able to discover and taste the Seasons fun, which includes some unique rewards and the much-talked Season Journey. However, Blizzard has just confirmed that they will not be opening up additional stash tabs on consoles, due to having supplied many in the past. "Diablo 3" Season 10 will start on Friday, March 31 at 5:00 p.m. in North America region, and 5:00 p.m. in Europe, while 5:00 p.m. for the Asian region.

In other Diablo-related news, Blizzard has given its Diablo fans its first glimpse of the game's upcoming 2.5.0 patch. The patch is expected to bring some exciting new features on board. But the highlights and the real star of the upcoming patch is the Armory, which said to bring significant changes on board. Players will now be able to store up to five complete characters build for each hero and even make some items and skills swap in just a few clicks of a button, according to PC Gamer.

Additionally, the skill bar will also be receiving the update, it's now will be updated to the player's selected skills, rune and even Kanai's Cube power preferences. Players can also name their setup whatever they like.In addition to the skill bar, the Adventure mode will also get some tweaks, adding some stuff including the Primal Ancients. Meanwhile, Blizzard has been given crafting materials their own tab on the game's user interface, so Diablo players won't have a problem on the navigation side, allowing them to find easily the things they need to upgrade they stuffs.

For more details about the upcoming 2.5.0 patch, check out official website. The site will update its readers when "Diablo 3" Seasons go live next week and when patch 2.5.0 become available.

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