'Conan Exiles' Dev Shares New Details About Plans For Xbox One And PS4 Versions, But Not On Nintendo Switch


Funcom, the developer of the new survival game "Conan Exiles," is getting some good news this week, and Conan fans would love it. The game developer has just confirmed to the gaming world the Xbox One and PS4 version of the game. Funcom made the announcement this week.

Funcom's survival video game Conan Exiles is set for release on PS4 and Xbox One game consoles, but not on the newly released game console Nintendo Switch, The Express reported. According to the UK-based website, theirs is no new conversations that have taken place between the game developer and the Japanese hardware giant.

In a recent interview with Dual Shockers, Conan game director Joel Bylos has just confirmed reports to the gaming website that there are still no plans for the Nintendo Switch, but did provides some new details and updates for Conan Exiles on Xbox One and PS4. The game director also claimed that Funcom's survival game Conan Exiles is now running on Xbox One but it still needs some little tweaks before it can be released in the wild.

The gaming-focused website Dual Shockers has managed to have some good conversation with Funcom at that interview, in which the developer has made some more detailed update about Xbox One version of "Conan Exiles" game. Bylos made a claim that survival game looks pretty good on Xbox One and that the control system needs some work. As an in-development version of the survival game is set for launch on Xbox One via the console's Game Preview Program later this year.

Also in the interview with Dual Shockers, the developer has also been asked about the possibility of the Nintendo Switch version of "Conan Exiles." Bylos explained to the gaming website that they have not made any conversation with Nintendo yet, and currently there are no plans for porting the game to the Switch.
In addition to the Nintendo Switch story, Funcom has also confirmed to the world that Conan Exiles PS4 will also come to PS4 early next year, but the exact release date hasn't yet announced by Sony.

Currently, the new survival game is available to play on Steam Early Access. "Conan Exiles" has already been launched on PC via Steam Early Access Program. The popular barbarian-themed video game has managed to sell over 320,000 copies in just one week after it was introduced in the market earlier this year.

The Xbox One version of "Conan Exiles" will be launched on Xbox One Preview Program, which will take place between July and September of this year.

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