Bandai Namco & From Software Keen On Bringing 'Dark Souls 3' To Nintendo Switch But With One Big Condition


Bandai Namco and From Software have been working on "Dark Souls 3," which is slated to receive its final DLC "The Ringed City" this coming March 28. But before the works on the final expansion started, Bandai Namco and From Software had reportedly made some discussion with the Japanese gaming giant Nintendo regarding the game making its way to the hybrid game console, Nintendo Switch.

A recent GameSpot footage was released to the public, showing "Dark Souls 3" The Ringed City DLC running on the newly launched Nintendo Switch. Many have treated the footage as a proof that backed up the claims made by Laura Dale last December 2016, which suggest that the Dark Souls game would be coming to Nintendo Switch. However, GameSpot made some clarification recently, stating that there some mistake in the said footage, according to

Laura Dale, which writes for the gaming-focused site Let's Play Video Games, has recently written a story about two parties, From Software and Nintendo, making some internal discussion regarding the release of three main Dark Souls games to the Nintendo Switch console, along with the titles' DLC bundled in. Dale even went to say in her post that the works on Switch port have been underway for several months via a small game development team. The plan, according to Laura Dale, would be the release of the Switch version of Dark Souls 3, along with the DLC bundled, on the same day as PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions.

As mentioned earlier by, Dark Souls developer From Software has already confirmed its support for the newly launched hybrid game console Nintendo Switch. However, fans are still wondering what titles the companies have been developing for the Switch. Until now, it's still unclear what really happened at that talks. Some have speculated that the hybrid console Switch might have been a little bit underpowered for playing the game like "Dark Souls 3."

Dale made a post recently that suggested that the works on Switch port has already been started and it's now in full swing. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco and From Software has one big requirement on board- they wanted to see the game console sale's data first before committing its resources to the hybrid game console. The goal is to ensure that "Dark Souls 3" would not experience any sales difficulty once it released to the hybrid game console.

In other Dark souls related story, the game developer From Software has just announced plans to share new details about the three new games it's working on after the release of the much-awaited The Ringed City DLC in the market. According to the UK-based publication The Express, the new titles are said to include an action role-playing game similar to the Dark Souls games, a reboot of an existing game franchise.

The website also added that the new game would be different from previous From Software games. The Express also reported that other two games would feature similar ideas or story used in the Dark Souls franchise, but in a slightly different way or with some few changes.

Meanwhile, Bloodborne producers Teruyuki Toriyama and Masaaki Yamagiwa have recently announced that one of the studio's new games would likely launch this year. Bloodborne has just launched a couple of years from now, so a sequel might be possible for now. As for the "Dark Souls 3," Bandai Namco has introduced the game just last year, which is March 2016, so a new Dark Souls game seems unlikely at this year. But a new Demon's Souls game might offer a good guess for now.

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