Recent Bungie's Job Posting Hints Something About The PC Version Of 'Destiny 2'


Bungie's next Sci-Fi video game, "Destiny 2," maybe a few months away, but they still a lot of details that being kept under wraps by Bungie about its next entry to the popular first-person shooter game series. One of these is the recent hiring of the former Mass Effect writer.

According to PlayStation Universe, Bungie will be adding some new interesting stuff to the sequel. Bungie is said to be serious about the Destiny 2 storyline that is because the developer has just hired and asked the service of the former Mass Effect game writer Christopher Shlerf. The former Mass Effect writer has been well-known in the gaming circle for doing some space-related stuff. Additionally, the game publisher Activision has also mentioned the term "cinematic story" as one of the major highlights of the upcoming Sci-Fi game.

Finally, the original Destiny game will continue to exist as normal even the sequel has already been released in the wild. However, Destiny fans wouldn't expect any further major updates as Bungie will first encourage players to jump and try "Destiny 2" and see how its evolved world and play missions, multiplayer works in the wild.

In other Destiny-related news, "Destiny 2" might not be coming to PC. As mentioned earlier by the gaming-focused website GameRant, High Moon Studios has recently posted a job listing for the upcoming Bungie's next project. For a starter, High Moon Studios is a San Diego-based game studio that used to be part of the big Sierra Entertainment. Now owned by the gaming giant Activision Blizzard, High Moon Studios has developed multiple Transformers games and has also worked with Bungie in the Destiny game development.

In the recent job listing, the US-based game studio reveals that it's currently looking for a mission designer that is proficient in the Destiny game and one that can help with Bungie in the game's main narrative. Some of the roles that the game studio need to fill in are the following: Head of Narrative Development, The Live Narrative Director and last, the Narrative Director. The job listing also mentioned that the applicants must be prepared to work on PS4 and Xbox One game consoles.

Interestingly, the job listing has not taken so long and that the page was quickly taken down, which means that it's now unreachable if tried to access in the browser. Additionally, the crowd has also noticed something missing in the job listing- it doesn't mention PC in the post. This has adds to the rumor mills that Bungie might be focusing its efforts on PS4 and Xbox One and that the works on PC version would come later. Many people want a PC version of the survival game, but it seems that the recent information about the job listing suggest that the PC version might just come as a port to the console versions of the game.

Bungie's next first-person shooter game will be arriving later this year, possibly between September and November 2017.

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