Bethesda Softworks Shares New Details About 'Elder Scrolls Online' Morrowind Expansion, To Get ESO Even More Exciting


Bethesda Softworks has recently announced "Elder Scrolls Online" Morrowind expansion. On the top of that, a new PvP mode was also introduced on the newly released screenshots. This week, Bethesda Softworks has released again some screenshots depicting another addition to the much-awaited Morrowind expansion.

New PvP Screenshots Released

According to GameRant, which got the full details of the story, the recently released PvP screenshots gave ESO player a closer look t what the upcoming Battlegrounds PvP mode will look like in the wild. It shows the various ways ESO fans will have to go, from sneaking on the rocky terrain on the way to combat up to going head on in a circular gameplay stage.

As mentioned earlier on GameRant, the PvP mode will be included in upcoming "Elder Scrolls Online" Morrowind expansion, which is expected to arrive this coming June. In the player-versus-player mode, the feature will allow players to fight 12 at a time, which said to be composed of three groups with four contenders each, throughout the upcoming expansion's many arena-looking landscapes.

Aside from that, ESO players will also be able to explore the much-talked and highly anticipated regions of Ashland on the Vvanderfell Island, in which Morrowind expansion has been reportedly set. The latest PvP content will be the biggest addition to Bethesda Softworks' role-playing game since it launches in the market. Additionally, the Morrowind expansion will also feature the new Warden class.

To create some buzz, Bethesda Softworks has also posted on the official Elder Scrolls Online Twitter account, saying that PvP Battleground, along with the Morrowing expansion, will be coming to "Elder Scrolls Online" this coming June.Bethesda Softworks, together with its partner game developer ZeniMax Online Studios, have first introduced the Morrowind expansion pack in the market on January 31, 2017.

But unlike the other previous ESO DLC, Morrowind expansion will not be purchasable with crown points and can be only purchased as a separate title. The update is expected to bring a new class, a new trial, and a new PvP mode, much known as Battlegrounds. The Morrowind expansion is set for release on Mac, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It will make available on the market on June 6, 2017. Check out the Morrowind announcement trailer below.

ESO Home Decoration Contest Continues

In other ESO-related news, Bethesda Softworks has recently posted a message on the official Elder Scrolls Online Twitter, calling all ESO interior designers to enter and join the ESO Home Decoration contest. The game publisher has also provided a link to the "Elder Scrolls Online" Home Decoration Contest, thus providing ESO fans a quick access to the contest.

Watch The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Announcement Trailer

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