Latest "Dota 2" Patch 7.03 Boosts Monkey King's Status, But Tweaks Centaur Warrunner's Armor


Valve's free-to-play MOBA game "Dota 2" is getting another big boost this week. Game publisher Valve Corporation recently released Patch 7.03 along with a swath of Talent changes that have received some balance tweaks. Called "Bladeform Legacy," the latest "Dota 2" update contain some very important alterations to the game, including the much-talked Juggernaut Arcana.

According to Mic, one of the main highlights of the Patch 7.03 is the Juggernaut skin that makes Juggernaut blue and glowy. Valve decided to give him some bunch of new animations, add some effects for Omnislash and Bladefury. And also offers a "dragon spirit ancestor to aid Juggernaut in times of need, voice changes, a new hero portrait and even emotion.

Best of all, the Juggernaut bundle will only cost player around $35 for the time being, and probably a bit less if the player turns up on the Dota 2 community. It's pretty tempting and offers some good vibe for Juggernaut fans. Additionally, "Dota 2" fans can also look at Jakiro, the twin head dragon who utilizes the powers of fire and ice with a very powerful linear area spells that can deal heavy damage to enemies. Valve has given the twin-headed dragon some remodel. Jakiro is getting a new look, one that can make him pretty scary when taking flight.

As mentioned earlier by Mic, many of the changes that being made with the patch notes were hero tweaks. A good example of these hero tweaks is Centaur Warrunner, which now has 1 less base armor. On the other hand, Kunkka's level 15 talents increased from +15 movement and its speed to +20.

Lone Druid, the versatile ranged and melee agility hero who can summons a Spirit Bear, has also received some changes. Valve has been given him 4 lower base damage. Juggernaut's Healing War has been granted a higher bounty from 25 to 75 gold. In addition to the Lone Druid, the latest "Dota 2" patch also adds Monkey King to Captains Mode, making him officially available for battle on the competitive stage.

But the most important part, the XP, and gold have also been adjusted, presumably to slow the pace of the game slightly. "Dota 2" players will now need 15 percent more XP to go from levels 1-6, but leveling from 9-13 will remains the same.

In other Dota-related news, some fans are reportedly disappointed with some of the effects of the new arcana. In the "Dota 2" subreddit, fans are pointing out that the new arcana has some similarities on the previous one, particularly on MK's color effect. One Reddit user even went to say that the color seems dull for some hero. Meanwhile, some "Dota 2" users, who already bought the arcana, have reportedly experienced bugs and glitches relating to their existing items impairing the arcana's animation effects and color. stay tuned for more "Dota 2" folks.

Check out the "Dota 2" official website for more information about the Patch 7.03 "The Bladeform Legacy."  Watch the video below.

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