'Conan Exiles' Dev Announces Latest Patch This Week, Also Shares More Details About Future Updates


Funcom this week shared new details about their new open-world survival game "Conan Exiles." Funcom talked more about the new game, which includes lots of topic such as balancing survival gameplay, RPG progression, loot and more. Additionally, the Norwegian developer also gives information about future updates.

According to DualShockers, which got the full details of the "Conan Exiles" Twitch livestream, the Oslo-based game developer recently hosted a few livestreams during last weeks' big PAX event in Boston, Massachusetts. Lead designer Oscar Lopez Lacalle took center stage to answer fans' inquiry about Funcom's latest survival RPG "Conan Exiles." The lead designer has managed to provide some answers to a few questions made by Conan fans. Lacalle also made some comment on future updates that Funcom developers plan to implement in the next couple of months. For a recap of what lead designer Oscar Lopez Lacalle has mentioned earlier on Funcom's recent Twitch livestream, check out the DualShockers website. 

Developing a video game in the survival genre, like the "Conan Exiles," can be a hugely daunting task these days. It's a very crowded world with plenty of tough competitors on board. A good example is on Steam, where a large number of high-quality titles compete for players' attention and dollars.One effective way for a developer to distinguish themselves is by expanding their survival game with player progression, loot, and even the RPG systems.

The newly introduced survival game "Conan Exiles" is one big example of the latest challengers to the throne that gaming powerhouse Minecraft has first introduced. "Conan Exiles" pushes this kind of progression to the logical extreme, not only tying player's stats (the stamina, etc.) but also locking the majority of its buildings and tools behind it, thus giving "Conan Exiles" a unique gaming experience.

In other Conan-related news, Funcom today announced on official Conan Exiles Twitter account the latest patch for the open-world survival game "Conan Exiles." The newly released Patch 14.03.2017 is said to bring significant improvements on board. These include a few number of very important exploit fixes, balance and gameplay fixes, performance and tech fixes, updated server settings, updated server browser, general bugs fixes and some enhancements, text, and localization and some visual improvements. Check out the Steam Community for more about the latest patch for Funcom's widely popular survival game "Conan Exiles."

Funcom continues to improve "Conan Exiles," especially during its Early Access period on Steam. Originally, the survival game has been scheduled for release last year, unfortunately, the target release date has been moved to a yet to be announced date.

Players will learn more about Funcom's livestream on Dual Shockers website, where it posted a recap of what the lead designer has mentioned on the recently held Twitch livestream. Funcom's open-world survival game is currently available for PC on Steam Early Access. "Conan Exiles" is set to launch on Xbox Game Preview in the third quarter of 2017, followed by the full launch, which also includes the release date for PS4, in the first quarter of 2018.

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