Apple Focuses On Artificial Intelligence, Avoid Threat, Responsible AI - Main Goal


Apple joins Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft in The Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society to study and formulate best practices on AI technologies. Responsible AI is the main goal for these tech companies.

Artificial intelligence is slowly creeping into the different industries in the world. And the recent partnership with Apple is surprising for a lot of people. It is reported that Apple is very secretive about its strategic plans about AI.

Tom Gruber and other Apple authorities want to join the group to create an open platform for discussion and engagement, as reported by Read IT Quik. But many point out that the group started in September 2016 and Apple joined late. There are allegedly reasons as to why Apple joined late.

Some have pointed out that Apple is not willing to release their studies on AI which is a current focus of the company. The tech company enlisted Carnegie Mellon's Russ Salakhutdinov to lead the AI research. Then the veil of secrecy slowly lifts where AI researchers publish their work publicly.

Machine intelligence for most people started with machines working on algorithms and doing machine work. But the definition of machine intelligence is slowly changing. Now, it is Siri recognizing voice commands, Facebook and Google analyzing everyone's photos and many more.

Apple and the rest of the tech giants are collaborating to make sure that AI is being used with consideration for human values, as reported by All About Circuits.

What does this mean for the future of tech? Apple and other tech companies are looking into the dangers of uncontrolled AI as recently expressed by Elon Musk. But according to a study conducted at the Stanford University, there is no reason to worry about Artificial Intelligence becoming a threat to man. The future may also involve underground development of the tech.

For now, everyone believes that the launch of The Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society.

Watch President Obama's take on the future of Artificial Intelligence in the Wired clip below:

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