Emma Stone's Net Worth, Career Soars From ‘La La Land’: Lessons Actor Hopefuls Can Learn


Actress Emma Stone started her career in the 2010 comedy "Easy A." It was her first successful movie venture. She then earned her BAFTA nominations and a Golden Globe for Best Actress. And the ball continues to roll in her most recent musical film, "La La Land."

Which is why Emma Stone's net worth is a financial testament to her success in the business. With only a few years under her belt, she is already considered to be one of Hollywood's successful actresses.

Born in 1988, the 5'6 beauty has a net worth currently pegged at $18 million, as reported by Celebrity Deets. And for aspiring actors and actresses out there, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's "La La Land" film resonates with the hearts of many.

In the movie, "La La Land," Emma Stone's character, Mia Dolan, struggles to make it big in the acting world. Traversing the entertainment industry while auditioning for roles, she gets rejected every time. Until her luck changes.

Auditions and rejections are something a lot of professionals, and even undergraduates, experience. Whether it is about getting that one big role or even applying for a job, everybody experiences rejection.

Which is why Emma Stone has offered her own personal advice when it comes to dealing with career rejection. According to Emma Stone, she auditioned for everything and faces rejection day after day, as reported by Hello Giggles. She recalls that rejections are tough and she wanted the roles badly especially for television shows that went on for years. But she adds that if those rejections did not happen, she would not have nabbed the Golden Globes.

Stone says that things happen in one's life that can feel terrible in the moment but can lead elsewhere. "The Amazing Spider-Man" actress adds that everybody should feel lucky for not getting those parts. While it may feel devastating, Stone emphasizes that everybody should be lucky for the things they did not get. When a gig comes through, in the end it will feel so great.

Watch the Stark Insider clip below where Emma Stone discusses rejection:

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