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University And Colleges Offer Sanctuary Campuses For Immigrant Students


In response to Republican President Donald Trump's decision on immigration, universities and colleges everywhere are opening sanctuary campuses as well as issuing guidance on travel for students who are affected.

Protection from the immigration ban starts internally. Princeton University,Tulane and Stanford have voiced out their concerns about their students' welfare. Princeton and Stanford stresses to their students not to travel outside the country. Tulane insists that their students carry their identification cards and ACLU civil rights brochures, as reported by Buzz Feed.

Princeton,Tulane and Stanford are not the only ones caring for their students' welfare. Many colleges and universities have sworn to support their undocumented students and has even instructed their university police to not ask questions regarding immigration statuses. Some have pledged to provide sanctuary against federal immigration authorities.

While there are still no official reports detailing immigrant or undocumented international students being affected, some universities are ready to provide legal counsel as well. According to the New York Times, lawyers have already started to proceed to the country's international airports after hundreds if not thousands of immigrants have been detained because of President Donald Trump's executive order. These lawyers have volunteered to go to these immigrants' aid.

According to lawyers from the International Refugee Assistance Project, some people who are traveling would land and would have their status affected while in midair. A petition has already been reportedly filed on Saturday in some federal courts to block a part of Trump's order. Andre Segura, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, says that attorneys from various law firms and non profits are working together to protect the people.

There are reportedly university and college students who have been detained after arriving in the United States from their travels or studies abroad. There is no reported number yet as to how many and which schools were affected.

Watch the Fox News Clip below when an undocumented Yale student speaks out because of the issue:

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