Student Internship Guide To Getting A Job In Finance


Summer is getting closer and that means a lot of students are looking to get a career in the financial services industry. An internship or an on the job training can be the best way to get some insight.

There are tons of positions and opportunities out there for students. There are posts available in investment banks, financial analysts or associate roles. Investment Banking, Equity Research, Wealth Management and more departments are open and ripe for the picking.

To prepare students for the world in finance, here are a few tips to consider according to the YU Commentator. Preparations should start as early as freshmen or sophomore year, even. But junior to senior years are the most obvious.

The most important tool is the resume. Financial firms look at the resume for credentials and skill sets. Ideally, finance students should have a strong GPA, proper work experience and engagement in extra curricular activities.

They also look at leadership positions that the candidate previously and currently holds. For freshmen and sophomores, it can be difficult to achieve in the first couple of years. But these students can start off by joining financial clubs. The eagerness to learn more about finance is a plus. It also provides insight to the industry's current events and trends. When third year comes around, getting a leadership role is essential. It shows recruiters that you have the capability to lead.

One's work experience is critical, too. For those without prior work experience, it can be difficult. Check the alumni office or network with people who are in the finance industry. Going online and searching career centers are also the best go-to places.

Students just need to remember that having a resume and cover letter ready to go is essential, as reported by Payscale. Getting that job experience or internship can be overwhelming but it is alright to apply everywhere, cites Payscale. Just remember to always be yourself and continue to do research.

The Gateway video below covers an internship at Morgan Stanely, check it out:

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