Suggested Online Jobs for College Students


Students looking for a part-time job to earn money to help fund their college expenses have a lot of options. Some of these jobs can be online, and all that's needed is some time, an internet connection, and a computer to work on.

Are you looking for an online job where you can spend your time in a worthy manner and with pay? Here are some online jobs for college students, suggested by Uloop.

Social media manager

Most likely you'll have a social media account or two, or perhaps even on all social media platforms. Why not make use of that Facebook or Twitter savvy and apply to be a company social media manager?

There are hundreds of companies looking for social media managers to manage their pages online. If ever you manage to get hired, you'll be that company's unseen face and voice online in social media pages. It's a fun way to earn extra cash.

Check for openings on your school's career center page, or on LinkedIn. If you don't find any, use the friendly services that Google has to offer.

Freelance writer

Freelance writing is in! Companies are looking for freelance writers to contribute various content for their websites, such as blog posts and product descriptions. Student writers can also write articles for online publications such as Uloop. Try it!

Online tutor

So, you're great in that subject, but need money to spend on your things. Why not make use of your knowledge and become an online tutor? Offer your tutoring services to home-schooled students or fellow college students studying off campus.

The perks of being an online tutor? Having a very flexible work schedule, being to earn some cash teaching what you already know, and an added credential to your resume. Not to mention the gratification you feel when your student does well because of your instruction.

Just don't forget to advertise your services, and work on becoming the best tutor that you can be.

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