3 Tips on Becoming a Good Tutor


There are a lot of ways college students can earn while studying. One of these ways is through tutoring.

You don't need to get a bachelor's degree to tutor another student. "So if you have taken the class or passed the test or have the skills, then why not?" Danielle Wirsansky, a BA in Theatre and BA in Creative Writing graduate from Florida State University, wrote in Uloop. "Utilize the knowledge you already have because it is a marketable skill that can make you money even before you graduate and earn that degree."

Wirsansky notes, though, that just like any other job, anybody who wants to do well in tutoring must do more than just tutor. He or she must be a good tutor.

Here are a few tips, or "golden rules" to remember and follow if you want to be a good tutor.

Set Boundaries

Know your safety limits. If you're working for a tutoring organization, the company will have rules to abide, such as responding to inquiries within a specified time limit or tutoring in a public place only. These rules keep you safe, and allow you to perform well. At least, they allow you to stay with the company.

If you're tutoring for yourself only, you'll need to set up boundaries too. Set time limits, what you are and are not comfortable doing. Knowing these and standing up for them will help.


Don't come to the tutorial session unprepared. Study what you will teach. Create a lesson plan, then make a study plan for your student. Review what you will teach ahead of time, and don't go unprepared.

Remember that you're a paid tutor, so act the part.

Respect Your Students

Your student may not be as bright as you, but they deserve to be respected. In the first place, the fact that they asked for your help means they want to learn, and that trait alone is deserving of respect. Don't treat them lower than yourself.

Remember to treat others the way you want them to treat you. This applies to your students. Develop a respectful environment where your students feel nurtured and respected despite their need for a tutor. You'll reap respect in return, on top of your payments too.

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