7 Easy Business Ideas for College Students


College is a great time to start a business and become an entrepreneur. Contrary to the idea that having a business requires lots of funding, great skills and talent, or having a wide network of people who can support the business, business startups in college can be as simple as one's hobby-turned-into-a-business. And like other college startups, it just might grow big, too.

Here are some small business ideas that college students can turn into a business, according to Small Business Trends.

Virtual Businesses

Students who have a knack for technology can use their skills to earn while having fun. Here are some ideas:

Blogging/Podcasting - Blogging or making podcasts (or even YouTube videos) about certain topics can be monetized after building up one's audience and following.

Social Media Expert - Students who have fair expertise on managing social media accounts, using social media for disseminating info or influencing people's decisions, or generally have great ideas about the use of social media can offer services to companies that need help regarding the online tool.

Graphic/Web Designing - If you're skilled in designing graphics and codes, offer your services to businesses or individual clients. You get to have fun, too.

App Developing - Students skilled in making mobile apps can offer to create apps for businesses or create their own and sell it on apps stores.

Personal Skills Businesses

Students who possess some expertise in a variety of things can offer to teach or guide different clients. Here are some ideas:

Personal Coaching - Students who are physically fit and active can help others get fit too. Offer your services to contacts who would want to get fit like you.

Music Coach - Love to hit the drums, do that guitar riff, or make that beat on the synths? Teach music hopefuls how to make music like you do. You can earn while passing on the beauty of music to others too.

Tutoring Services - Students who excel in academic subjects can offer to tutor other students in any specific subject. This isn't limited to grade school and high school students, as some college students would need some tutoring too.

There are other business ideas, so feel free to explore and find what suits you. Whatever the business, make it your passion. Find more ideas here.

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