Working While In College: Ways You Can Use Social Media In Finding Part-Time Jobs


One thing that will help college students deal with the costs involved in studying is by having an external source of money aside from student loans or financial grants. Having a business or a part-time job on the side will greatly help both in earning some extra cash and getting some experience that can be added to the resume after graduating.

Looking for a part-time job while in college, however, need not be too hard. While the career services office can help you get a job after graduation, there's one thing that can help you find a job while in school: the ever-friendly (or not) social media.

Social media is so common people of all ages know it. Why not make good use of the social media you use in your free time to find you a job that will help you make it through college?

Here are a few ways you can use social media to your advantage, says Uloop.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the network for professionals, is thought by some to be just an escape from Facebook, but it actually isn't. LinkedIn is an online network where you can show your credentials and send messages to people who could be your prospective clients.

You can also use social media to advertise your services.

Online Friends

Friends, either in person or online, can help you do things, finding a job included. Ask your friends on Facebook or other social networking sites if they can refer you to a job or client (and vice versa). Who knows, they just might know one that will be a right fit for you?

Social Media Jobs

If you are good at managing social media accounts, then social media itself can be a job for you. Ask companies or other groups if they need a social media manager, one who maintains their social media accounts on a daily basis. Your part-time gig as an account manager can also help you find potential future employers.

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