Here's How to Advertise Your Tutoring Services


There are a variety of ways for college students to earn extra money they can use for their expenses. One of the most profitable and "marketable" side careers any college student can have is tutoring.

Tutoring can basically be done by anybody who has a certain level of proficiency in some subjects, such as math, writing, or science. If you think that you have excellent skills in any such subject, then you can begin to offer tutoring services to others who are not as proficient as you are.

Tamera Vandegrift, a Florida State University junior, said in an article in Uloop that tutoring allows you to help your fellow peers, and also allows you to add a few good traits to your resume. But no matter how proficient you are in the subject you offer tutorials for, you'll need more than just that - you'll need the skills and the tools to market your services to the general public.

Here are some things you can do to advertise your tutoring services, according to Vandegrift.

Look for Opportunities to Tutor

You'll find many students looking for tutors through social media, so keep an eye out for Facebook posts (or posts on other social media websites) saying they need help. Connect yourself to every Facebook group in your college so that you'll have a wider area to fish for opportunities.

If you don't find anything on campus even after taking an extra course on the subject you want to tutor, try going out to a local church, youth group, or other organization. Look for volunteering or mentoring positions as well.

Build Your Portfolio

Take every tutoring experience you get and include it in your portfolio. Compile all your experiences and use this portfolio as a selling point from where you can assure your clients that you offer them experienced service that grew over time. Also list down the grades you achieved in college corresponding to the subjects you teach. This will help boost your credentials (so study well).

The more qualifications you have, the better. It'll make you look more professional, and more marketable.

Spread The Word

Now that you have both the experience and the credentials to boot, you can now try spreading the word about your services. If you can, use bright attention-getting flyers and brochures. Use professional-looking business cards that contain a professional-looking photo of yours. Contact everyone through social media, and offer them your services.

Do respond promptly when someone contacts you for your services.

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