Student Loans In These Universities Have Lower Debt Costs


How can a student minimize debt coming from student loans? With the rising cost of university and college tuition, and various school fees, students and families are looking for ways to minimize out-of-pocket expenses and liabilities.

Not many know this, but according to reports, there are universities where the graduates they churned out have the least debt.

In a recent study done by the Institute for College Access and Success, seven out of 10 graduates in a college or university turn out with student loans. For the graduates of 2015 alone, the average debt for a student borrower is $30,100. Compare that to the twenty-five schools that have graduates with the least debt, at $18,587, as reported by U.S. News.

The huge gap between the two amounts show a smashing 40 percent distance in between, as reported by TICAS. New Jersey's Princeton University is on the list with the fewest graduates with debt. In NJPU, only 16 percent of its graduates had loans. The average total from that number is $8,577.

Taking second place is University of Texas - Arlington. They churned out 84 percent of graduates with student loans, averaging at $14,743. But it is important to note that private colleges charge more in tuition and university fees compared to state or public institutions. When it comes to Ivy League graduates, 40 percent or less had federal student loans. But according to financial and admissions experts, there are schools that are good at assisting students with various financial aids and needs.

As students and families focus on an investment on higher education, a return on investment is considerably something that can be overwhelming. Which is why students and their families should learn more about how the schools can help families in getting financial support with lesser or zero burdens in student debt.

In related news, PBS Newshour reports why student debt is a crisis:

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