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University Of Alberta And Green Peace Invites Jane Fonda For Environmental Talk


Veteran Jane Fonda who is known for her work in multiple films and movies has been invited to the University of Alberta to talk about protesting the Oil Sands site.

Jane Fonda herself is a known activist. She has fought for human rights advocacy for the past several years. On Tuesday, the fitness guru and actress arrived in Fort McMurray to protest the practice of extracting oil deposits from sand.

In partnership with Greenpeace Canada, Fonda took the stand at Edmonton's University of Alberta. She aims to push the Canadian government to stop the practice. The event was called "From Standing Rock to the Salish Seas to the Alberta Tar Sands," as reported by Green Peace. It was set at the Maple Leaf Room at the Lister Hall, in the University of Alberta. Jane accompanied the indigenous leaders in the university to oppose the expansion of the tar sands.

Fonda is also pushing leaders to see that the environmental abuse is causing climate change, as reported by the Daily Caller. During her stand at the university campus, Fonda pleads to her listeners to embrace clean energy instead.

University of Alberta stood united with Green Peace and Jane Fonda. Using the hash tag #StopTheExpansion, the campus and various leaders made their voices heard and known that what Oil Sands is doing is in conflict with Canada and Alberta's commitments to indigenous' rights and reconciliation. The call for action includes 120 First Nations and Tribes signatures on the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion. Because of this, according to news reports, Oil Sands is accusing Jane Fonda for being a hypocritical celebrity.

This is not the first time Jane Fonda has voiced out her disapproval when it comes to environmental harm. She has also disapproved President Barack Obama's decision to allow arctic drilling. She has also marched in Toronto to raise awareness that climate change is real.

Watch the CBC News Clip below to view Jane Fonda's reaction during her visit to Oil Sands:

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