Final Fantasy XV Insomnia Glitch: Allows Players to Explore Hidden Places


Final Fantasy XV has an Insomnia glitch which allows players to explore its normally hidden places. One of the players managed to give details on how to get there.

Entering the Insomnia Glitch Zone

Reddit user hesplo found out about the Insomnia glitch by accident. He was fighting Ardyn when his Noctis character glitches inside the Insomnia hidden zone. He immediately noticed it and decided to fly over the new areas. He also mentioned that the glitch occurred before his Final Fantasy XV game was updated to v1.03. It's not certain if the glitch still exists once the game has been updated.

He also uploaded YouTube video showing his travels to Insomnia's unrevealed parts. Interestingly, Noctis can travel pass through solid structures such as buildings. Large parts of it not even completely rendered. There is even a soccer field situated around the citadel's gates.

Insomnia Glitch Implication

The glitch may have unintentionally revealed areas for upcoming Final Fantasy XV DLC packs. This is probably the reason why large parts of Insomnia in the glitch are not yet complete. Viewers of the glitch observed that the hidden Insomnia parts seem ready for exploration. This has sparked renewed interest in Final Fantasy XV once again. Many players have already completed the story mode missions and are now exploring the game's open world environment.

Final Fantasy XV DLC Packs

Square Enix is releasing FF XV DLC packs in the coming months. One of the additional contents will feature Gladio and an old nemesis, Gilgamesh. This upcoming DLC is expected to feature a match between the two. This will also explain how Gladio got his scar. There are actually four planned DLC for Final Fantasy XV. Many players were raving about the game but complained that the content seems to be lacking. Hopefully, the developer will release more contents aside from the four DLC packs.

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