‘Power Rangers' Update Toys "R" Us Reveals More Detailed Putties Look; 'Power Rangers' Shoes Now Available


"Power Rangers" merchandise in Toys "R" Us now includes the Putties. Meanwhile, "Power Rangers" shoes are now available for purchase.

Rita Repulsa And Her Putties

"Power Rangers" fans are quite familiar of Rita Repulsa and her Putties. They are basically underlings who follow her every command. They are no match though for the colored themed heroes. Retailer Toys "R" Us has decided to immortalized the evil minions as action figures. Of course, the "Power Rangers" and their enemies such as Rita Repulsa have their own action figures as well.

Updated Look

The Putties now looks like some sort of humanoid like beings molded from scraps of construction materials or wreckage. Some sort of metal objects are also protruding from their bodies. The body indicates that they are hollow inside. The old Putties in the TV series do not look like this probably due to budget constraints, according to Comicbook. They simply wore masks similar to enemies, the "Power Rangers". Fans can expect the movie version of the Putties to sport the same look as the action figures.

"Power Rangers" Shoes Sale

Meanwhile "Power Rangers" shoes are currently available for sale on Gallery 316. The original $121 price tag has been slashed to around $60. The online retailer assures that the shoes come in various sizes and it's available to both genders. You have to hurry though since their stocks are almost running out. The shoes feature the double side print of your favorite heroes. It's also a lace-up footwear with soft textile linings. Delivery can take anywhere between two to three weeks.

About the Movie

"Power Rangers" the movie retells the story of five Angel Grove teenagers who were bestowed with extraordinary powers. They are given the task of defending the planet against an alien invasion. The series has been reincarnated several times and in various forms. The upcoming film is expected to hit movie houses this March 24.

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