“Persona 5” Delayed To Avoid Competing Against More Popular Video Games?


"Persona 5" fans in North America were disappointed when the Japanese video game is not coming out on February 2017 as earlier announced. Could the delay be simply a means to avoid competing with more popular titles?

"Persona 5" Launch Date Moved

"Persona 5" game developer Atlus announced the moving of the title's release date from February 14 to April 4, 2017. The delay has puzzled many American fans since the Japanese players got their hands on the "Persona 5" as early as September. Atlus is trying to make up for the delay by providing the Japanese audio series that will feature the English language apart from Japanese.

Plenty of Games Releases

A lot of games are being released right now which can pose serious competition to the upcoming Persona 5 such as "Final Fantasy VX" and other popular video games. For the moment, these are still speculations.

"Persona 5" Premium Version as free downloadable content or DLC. It is important to note that "Persona 5" will be the first game in the

The developer will also hand out "Persona 5" related themes for PS4 players which can be redeemed for free within the day of the game's release. The premium edition is available for a pre-order price of around $90 and comes with a "Take Your Heart" soundtrack and other freebies.

About the Video Game

"Persona 5" is the sixth title in the game series and expected to be available both for the PS3 and PS4 consoles. It's a role playing game that centers on the life of a male high school student, according to the official Persona site. He and his other classmates appear to have activated certain supernatural powers within them called Persona. They form an unusual group called "Phantom Thieves of Heart." They don't steal money or precious objects instead, they robbed adults' of their ill intentions. The protagonists will also face various similar supernatural beings to battle using their psyche powers.

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