‘Clash of Clans’ Guide, Tips: How To Play Mobile Game In Iran Despite Ban


"Clash of Clans" is currently blocked in Iran as of late December. Avid Iranian mobile gamers though can still play it by using a workaround method.

"Clash of Clans" Incite Violence

The Iranian government has effectively blocked access to the mobile game since the last week of December, according to the BBC. Iranian "Clash of Clans" players have confirmed it. The state censors claimed that CoC is detrimental to the security of the country. The nation's psychologists claimed the game is inciting violence among its players as well as encouraging conflicts among Iran's various tribes.

How To Continue Playing

Some Iranian mobile players managed to continue playing the game albeit in secret. They made use of VPN services which can avoid the government online blockade. Unfortunately, this is the only available way of playing "Clash of Clans" in Iran. The other alternative is to get out of the country but that seems impractical for many Iranians.

CoC Block Is Temporary But..

Iran's online blockade of the game is only temporary. Some government officials think that it's possible that CoC will come back in the near future. Unfortunately, no exact date has been mentioned as to when. If "Clash of Clans" ever returns to Iran there will be restrictions. Some of the local reports claimed that an age limit to players will be set.

CoC Popular In Iran

Research suggests that more than 6 out of 10 mobile gamers in Iran play "Clash of Clans" before the ban. Many of the users are teenagers, who are probably the primary targets of the online block. The Iranian government fear that minors addicted to the mobile game will neglect their studies and family.

"Pokemon GO" Also Blocked

Another mobile game, "Pokemon GO "is also blocked in Iran, according to Polygon. Its use of GPS in the game might reveal the country's sensitive strategic and military locations. Developers for both mobile games have yet to assure the Iranian authorities.

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