You Are Never Too Old To Get An Education; Here Are Colleges That Attract Older Students

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While the idea of a "college student" conjures pictures of young men and women carrying books and a backpack while walking inside school corridors in our minds, college education isn't limited to younger people. Many older adults can study and receive higher education to help them develop a better career and life, too.

According to U.S. News, not all high school graduates automatically proceed to college. Some of them find jobs and enter the workforce after graduating. Some, on the other hand, enter the military.

Whatever these students do after graduating from high school, it takes them some time to decide before proceeding to college and the pursuit of a bachelor's degree that will help them get a boost in their respective careers. Some of them only enroll when they get to the age of 25 or higher.

In an annual ranking of colleges, U.S. News has identified 11 institutions that attract students aged 25 and older. An average 66 percent of the students in these schools belong to that age group. Among all 1,116 schools that U.S. News ranked, however, the average percentage of students 25 and older was significantly lower at 13.7 percent.

Metropolitan College of New York had the highest number of students aged 25 and older, with a huge 82 percent of all its 779 undergraduates belonging to the said age group. Of the 11, only Liberty University in Virginia and Cardinal Stitch University are National Universities. The rest are either Regional Universities or Regional Colleges.

Liberty University and DeVry University, another one on the list, had higher numbers compared to other schools as their programs are designed with adult students in mind. Both have online students. Other schools have special programs for older students.

Here's the list of Universities and Colleges and the percentage of older students enrolled.

  • Metropolitan College of New York - 82
  • DeVry University (IL) - 77
  • New England College (NH) - 75
  • Jacksonville University (FL) - 70
  • Wayland Baptist University (TX) - 65
  • Tennessee Wesleyan College - 65
  • Belhaven University (MS) - 60
  • Grace Bible College (MI) - 59
  • Cardinal Stritch University (WI) - 59
  • Liberty University (VA) - 57
  • Southwestern College (KS) - 57

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