5 People You Need in Your Support System as a Grad Student

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Just like undergrads, graduate students need to surround themselves with a great support system in the form of people who would be friends, be a source of help, and be available to do that when needed. Not everyone can play that role, so it is best to choose them wisely.

Are you looking to build a strong support system for you as you study in graduate school? Here are a few people that you'll want to include in the list, according to Uloop.

A Professor Who Knows You Well

Graduate students best develop strong relationships with at least one professor. This professor could be one of your teachers in a class, or someone you've done some research or some other kind of academic work with, and already sees your strengths and areas of improvement. Such a professor can help you press on to developing yourself and pursuing better academic and career options.

A Close Friend

Having a friend to talk to and connect with as you go through the pressures of grad school will be a great help. This friend will be a great support system when you're facing stress in graduate studies, as well as a great companion in celebrating the success you might have.

A Graduate Adviser

Graduate Advisers can be a great help in making sure you are on the right track to succeeding in your chosen field. Advisers can help by giving program-specific support and advice when needed.

A Counselor

Counselors help grad students face the stress of grad school demands. Not only that, they can also provide mental and emotional support when you face problems that test your mettle. It pays to have one as a friend.

A Contact in Your Graduate Program

Having contacts in the same field or program will greatly help as well. These people will be helpful when you need to talk about program-specific matters. They might also be the people you will work with, so better establish good relations with at least one person in the same graduate program.

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