3 Trends That Could Shape Your Career This Year


Graduates looking to build a lucrative career will do well to watch out for the trends that are currently brewing. Knowing what they are will help you prepare for possible changes in your career track, helping you avoid wrong decisions and other choices you would've otherwise regretted making.

Getting a college degree isn't enough to land a person in a great career. A survey revealed that many college graduates either don't know what career opportunities are available for them. Many graduates are also heavily reliant on online job-search tools, which makes them easily skip opportunities that are ready and waiting - if only they'd find them. Career counseling might help those who have problems with these, as does having peers who know what's happening.

Still, despite leveraging the resources available to you, there are other factors involved in shaping your career path. These factors, according to PayScale, are not in your control and you can't force them to bend to your desired career path. You can, however, make the best choices around them.

Here are some career trends you can expect to happen in 2017 according to PayScale, and how you can deal with them.

Rising Automation

With the advancements in technology comes the fast rise of automation. Before technology enabled robots to work in, say, assembly lines, humans are the only ones working in assembling many things such as cars. But now, thanks to the creation of helpful robots, work has been easier in the production industry.

Instead of fearing the thought of having robots replace you in your job this year, brush up on skills that would give you jobs that require emotional intelligence and less repetitive work. Also, don't worry: some experts believe that only up to 47 percent of today's jobs will be automated in about two decades or so.

A Blended Workforce

Today's workforce is a blend of full-time workers and - yes, you got it - freelancers. You see freelancers driving for Uber and doing other freelancing gigs via app. This is already very common: a study has found that about 93 percent of companies already identify the blended workforce as they see full-timers working with freelancers, reports Forbes.

Realize, then, that this type of workforce might affect not just how you work, but also the benefits you receive.

Higher Minimum Wage

This year will see 22 states and the District of Columbia having a higher minimum wage. If you find yourself in one of those states, then you're in for a real treat.

Just make sure to be the best worker that you can be so that your performance will be noticed and, who knows, you just might get promoted too.

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