Six Strategies On How To Make Great College Applications


Every college-bound student longs to be accepted into the university or college of his dreams. Being accepted, however, has several factors, and one of this is working on the college applications.

Susan Alaimo, founder and director of SAT Smart and College Bound Review, explained in an article in MyCentralJersey that preparing for college applications takes time, and the accomplishments or achievements colleges look for in a prospective student cannot be attained in the senior high school year alone. Thus, college-bound students should think of preparing for college way ahead of time.

Want to submit the best college application that you can? Alaimo shares six strategies to acing college applications.

The Earlier You Work on Your Applications, the Better

Starting early really pays off. Alaimo says working to get great grades from the first semester of the freshman year in high school helps in building a good GPA score. Students can also take the SAT early, taking it as many times as needed to get a high score. Practice makes perfect, and taking the SAT repeatedly will help you ace it.

Get Involved in School Activities

College-bound students will do well to involve themselves in a specific area of interest and make an impact in it. Whether it's a sport, a club, organization, activity, or cause, better get yourself involved and excel in it.


College-bound students need to research about the university they will go to. Doing this will ensure finding the "right fit," and will help them make the right non-academic considerations such as school location, campus culture, fees, and other things.

Show Interest in the University

Visit the college you want to apply to and take note of its qualities that appeal to you. Write these down in the essay, and specifically explain why that school is the best fit for you.

 Get Top Grades and Scores

College won't accept students who cannot deliver good performance. Work on getting good grades and ace the SAT (or ACT) tests, and show that college that you should be accepted into its ranks.

Think of "Optional" as "Not Really Optional"

See that "optional" essay? Work at it with your best. College applicants will do best to take every opportunity that will help them get accepted in the university they are applying for. And with the many other students applying, it would be best to outdo them than to have them outdo you.

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