New Year’s Resolutions College-Bound High School Students Should Have


People often make New Year's resolutions based on what they want to achieve or attain. College-bound students, then, should make resolutions tailor-fit for their goal to receive higher education that enables them to reach their dreams.

College admissions, according to U.S. News, is both the sum of four years in high school as well as a fresh new start. High school students can prepare for college as early as the first year so that they can get themselves ready for a great college experience packed with learning, challenges, and fun.

Here are some New Year's resolutions high school students can adopt for themselves, coming from U.S. News. There's one for every year in high school, so that college-bound students can be better prepared.

First Year: Set College Admissions Goals Now, Not Later

This doesn't mean visiting colleges while still a freshman in high school, but it does mean thinking about what you want to achieve and make as goals in college. Don't worry about setting your sights on just one goal though, because as you pass through your sophomore, junior, and senior years, those goals will be even more refined.

Second Year: Develop ACT and SAT Testing Plans Now, Not Later

The ACT and SAT tests are critical to success in college admissions, and preparing for them are good goals to work for. This doesn't mean "burning your eyebrows" for these tests as a sophomore, but it does mean knowing what test is best suited to your goals and strengths, as well as taking the time to discover areas you need to improve in and working on them.

Third Year: Work on College Applications Earlier, Not Later

Don't underestimate the necessity of giving enough time to craft a great college application, including an essay that is made from enough reflection and necessary revisions. Working on these early might not be on your list of resolutions, but better include it - it's better to have worked earlier and succeed than crammed later only to fail.

Fourth year: Keep In Mind that College Admissions Do Not Determine Me or My Future

Your identity is not based on the college that accepts you. There's not one perfect university or college that has it all, instead there are many that offer a variety of learning opportunities. College is merely a part of your journey for growth, so if you don't get accepted in a school, look for another one and keep pressing on to your goals in life.

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