New Year’s Resolution: Make It A Must To Pay Off Your Student Debt


Every person has some sort of New Year's resolution every time a year ends and a new one begins. And as a student, why not make the resolution to pay off your student loan debt?

Student loan debt is the "three most despicable words" to a college student, according to Florida State University junior Tamiera Vandegrift in an article in Uloop. College undergrads, however, don't have to wait until graduation before they can plan on hacking away at their student debt and take action to actually lower it. They can start doing so while still in school.

Here are some ways students can lower or pay off their college debt while still studying, according to Vandegrift.

Don't Borrow More than What is Needed

Many who made student loans actually regretted borrowing too much. To help avoid this problem, Vandegrift says students should calculate the exact amount they'll need for tuition, housing, meals, and books, and subtract from the sum the amount of college financial aid they have. The resulting amount will be the amount to be loaned.

Be careful not to add any extras (though tempting) as it may skyrocket the amount to problematic heights. College loan counseling might help as well.

Be Frugal

There's nothing wrong with buckling down and choosing to spend less than what is actually needed. Vandegrift advises taking walks or riding public transit instead of driving (walking will also help fight back college-induced fat), and cooking meals rather than ordering takeout or delivery. There are a lot of ways to spend less, just look for them.

Look for Extra Funding

College is a great time to start your own business or other income-generating activity. Offer services for cash, such as tutoring or online web designing. If you're a writer, try freelancing, says Vandegrift.

You can also check out the variety of scholarships or grants that are available to students. Just make sure to achieve and maintain good grades as these are looking for high-performing students worth investing in.

Pay Off Student Loan Interest

Although students usually think of paying loan interests after college, it might be possible to hack off some amounts even before graduating so that you could leave school with a degree and a smaller amount of debt. Ask your loan servicer if it's possible to pay off interest while you're still studying.

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