5 Popular Foods among College Students


College introduces many things into the life of a student. Along with the stress of academic requirements and housing problems comes a tight budget that students have to manage in order to just get by. Takeout and delivery to the rescue!

Preparing your own food, on top of rushing over that project or cramming for that exam, will take up much time. While cramming isn't a good sign at all, having food delivered to you will help you save time that can be added to your study rush.

In no particular order, here's a list of the most popular food items college students order for delivery, according to Uloop.

There's nothing more college than a slice of cheese pizza, notes Bustle. Cheese pizza is the eighth most ordered food by college students last year according to online ordering platform GrubHub.

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are considered a good bang for the buck, given that there are many pieces per order. Buffalo Chicken Wings places ninth among college students last year.


Sushi is a pretty popular choice for delivery for two reasons. One, it tastes good; and two, most students wouldn't probably go to the efforts of making sushi themselves, notes Uloop. Spicy California Roll makes top ten among college student orders last year.

Frozen Yogurt

Surprisingly, this food item was the most ordered by college students last year. Although not the healthiest, it still is better compared to other foods on the college ordering list, noted Bustle.


A filling choices, sandwiches are a common item among students. It's advised, though, that it's better to make your own sandwich if it's a simple one like grilled cheese. Other extravagant meat-inside-breads items, like the Chicken Souvlaki Pita which was top three among student orders last year, are best ordered

Choose what's best for you

Whether you're ordering for an all-nighter or just for lunch, make the right choice by considering your budget and your health.

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