'Pokemon Sun & Moon' News: Matsumiya Explains Pokemon Timeline; Players Fail On First Global Mission [VIDEO]


It's been a month since the acclaimed "Pokemon Sun and Moon" was released to fans all over. With the franchise expanding as it is now, most of these same fans are wondering whether the latest installment is still in keeping with the timeline of the Pokemon universe. As such, sources took some time to explain it to fans. In other news, it seems that players of the game weren't able to accomplish the first Global Mission, despite their efforts in catching the Pokemons scattered around the Alola region.

Fans well aware with "Pokemon Sun and Moon" would know that the this installment will feature the seventh generation of Pokemon games. That being said, most fans are getting confused with the timeline of the franchise's universe. Thus, iDigital Times took some time to straighten things out to fans.

It first went on to cite a previous tweet by Toshinobu Matsumiya who tweeted a more accurate timeline of the Pokemon universe back in 2014. Before getting into the placement of "Pokemon Sun and Moon," the source went on in detail and stated that the official timeline of the previous installments as follows: Fire Red/ Leaf Green/ Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire to Heartgold/ Soulsilver/ Diamond/ Pearl then unto Black/ White to Black 2/ White 2/ X/ Y.

With that in mind, it was suggested that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" would be somewhere after the original Kanto games and Black and White. This was mainly due to the numerous references that were made to Red and Blue that were found in the latest installment.

In other news, it was reported that players weren't able to complet the first Global Mission for "Pokemon Sun and Moon," Wired learned. IT was mentioned therein that players were only able to catch around 16 million Pokemons out of the 100 million goal in the said event.

One of the factors that were considered as to why the goal wasn't reached for the Global Mission in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" was the necessity for players to set up the Game Sync service on the Pokemon Global Link. Hence, those who failed to do so missed out on the chance to have their Pokemons accounted for.

In any case, it was also stated by the source that the developers will reconsider the numbers for the next Global Mission in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" in the coming future.

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