Top 10 Things Fans Can Expect For 'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Before Its Release Date! [VIDEO]


After the resurgence of interest in the "Pokemon" franchise by fans all over the world, due to the recent success of "Pokemon Go," gamers are excited for the upcoming "Pokemon Sun and Moon" to be launched. As such, sources have rounded up some key details on what fans can expect once the game hits its release date.

First off, fans ought to expect that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will be the first of the various installments in the seventh generation of the "Pokemon" series. It was first announced by Tsunekazu Ishihara back in February, via Nintendo's Direct, that the game will be released this November. The latest role-playing game by Game Freak and Nintendo will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

Secondly, it was reported that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will be the first game in the franchise to actually feature it with true 3D, which would scale the game accordingly to its proportion, Gamingbolt learned. 

Third, players will no longer have to win eight gym badges but instead now have to go against powerful legendary-guardian Pokemons, which looks after the islands of Alola.

The fourth detail that was listed is that the game will now be more focused on its narrative rather than what fans of the franchise were used to from the previous installments of the game.

Other key features menitoned by Gaming bolt are the following: the inclusion of Ultrabeasts in the game, quality of life regarding traveling in the world, the return of Mega Evolutions, and the focus on Z Moves (the signature moves of the Pokemons).

In light of this, the ninth detail fans ought to expect is that these Z Moves can now be integrated to normal moves, such as the Splash move, Kotaku reported. 

Kotuka highlighted the tweet of Twitter user pokemon_PhD to illustrate the effect of the Z Move on the Splash move of his Pokemon.

Lastly, fans would need to be wary of the fact that a cheating problem could still persist in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" since it was reported that the program, PKHeX, is currently being used in the open beta of the game, Kotaku noted.

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