Nintendo Switch News & Update: Leaked Titles To Be Launched; More Details On Upcoming 'Mario' Game! [VIDEO]


Gamers all around are more than familiar with the success of gaming-industry's iconic company, Nintendo. As such, fans are excited as they wait for the release of the company's latest platform, Nintendo Switch. With this, many speculate as to which of Nintendo's highly-acclaimed titles will be launched alongside the console, according to sources.

The Nintendo Switch is the seventh major console to be released by the acclaimed Japanese company. The unveiling and official announcement of Nintendo's upcoming console was revealed this year and it was slated to be released worldwide sometime in March 2017.

As the official trailer for the next-gen console was unveiled to fans, many have already speculated that a new "Mario" game will also be released alongside the Nintendo Switch's debut launch, Polygon has learned.

It was suggested that fans got a glimpse of a new platforming-style single-player adventure for Nintendo's "Mario," Polygon stated. It was also speculated by the source that the latest Mario will be one of the many titles to arrive once the Nintendo Switch hits the market.

Moreover, Polygon also mentioned that along with a new "Mario" game, which was rumored to be part of Nintendo Switch's launch titles, other games that could be released early on were also leaked, like "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim," "Splatoon," and a new "Mario Kart."

With the hype surrounding the rumors of a new "Mario" game, more and more speculations have surfaced around regarding the details about the game's development. It was stated that Emily Rogers went on to tweet several details about the game, Nintendo Everything reported.

She went on to hint that the game is almost finished. As such, Rogers is inclined to believe that the new "Mario" game could actually be the launch title instead of what fans initially speculated it to be, which was one of Nintendo's other hit franchise, "Zelda: Breathe of the Wild," Nintendo Everything stated.

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