'Pokemon Go' Tips & Tricks: How To Double Your XP This Christmas; Niantic Labs Partners With Starbucks [VIDEO]


Fans of the highly-acclaimed mobile game "Pokemon Go" are definitely in for a treat this Holidays as recent news indicate that there will be a lot of updates and content being rolled out as the year comes to a close. With the Holidays in December just around the corner, sources took note of the tips and tricks that fans can utilize as the update for "Pokemon Go" gets released. Moreover, there have been reports that revealed a few bugs and glitches that resulted from the recent collaboration of Starbucks and Niantic Labs.

With Thanksgiving Day out of the way, it seems that fans will be enticed again to play "Pokemon Go" as Niantic Labs prepares its fans for a Christmas promotion, Mirror reported. It was mentioned that the developers will be rewarding fans this Holidays for returning to their favorite mobile game.

The source went on to advice fans regarding some tips and trick for "Pokemon Go" by giving them a heads up that Niantic Labs will be rewarding players double the amount of XP for every Pokemon that gets caught, evolved, or defeating them at the Pokemon Gyms.

Moreover, some of the tips and tricks for "Pokemon Go" also includes advising fans to utitilize the time-saving feature that was added from the last update to the game. Players are now able to transfer multiple Pokemons to the Professor all at once just by pressing and holding a Pokemon to highlight it.

Another tips and tricks for "Pokemon Go" that the source pointed out was the inclusion of a "Nearby" feature that players can utilize in order to track and catch Pokemons easier. It also adviced fans to pair this feature with the Silph Road's global atlas of Pokemon Go nests in order discover some of the more uncommon Pokemons out there.

In other news, fans have reported some issues regarding bugs and glitches appearing in the game after Starbucks has recently collaborated with Niantic Labs for "Pokemon Go," where the former turned its physical stores into PokeStops, Tech MIC noted.

After the partnership began in a few days ago, fans have reported a number of bugs and glitches, such as gyms appearing on top of other gyms or PokeStops stacking on top of each other.

That being said, fans ought to stay tune and keep a keen eye out as more updates get released for "Pokemon Go" in the future.

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