'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Update: Top 5 Pokemons To Catch In Alola Region; Tips On Farming Festival Points [VIDEO]


It's been roughly a month since the acclaimed "Pokemon Sun and Moon" was released. Most fans and avid gamers alike are busy scouring through the region of Alola looking for the best Pokemons out there. As such, sources have taken on the challenge to list the top 5 Pokemons fans should be keen for. Moreover, a few tips and tricks were revealed in order for fans to get the most points in the Festival Plaza.

Fans familiar with the acclaimed role-playing game "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will agree that the Alola Region is filled with new Pokemons. As such, Kotaku has kindly listed some of the top Pokemons that fans ought to keep an eye out for. Fans can read on to check the top five Pokemons and what to expect from them.

First off, fans should consider catching the pseudo-legendary Kommo-o that has a base stat of 600, and (as the source pointed out) one that would be commonly seen in the competitive scene. Its high defense stat would allow the Pokemon to tank most of the incoming damage that it might face in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

Next on the list is the Wishiwashi School Form, which the residents of Alola in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" refer to as the demon of the seas. It was highlighted that this Pokemon has an outstanding base stat of 620 with an undeniably strong attack at 140. Albeit its low health pool and speed, it was noted that the Wishiwashi is one of the best non-legendary Pokemons out there.

Fans should also check out both the Crabominable and the Salazzle. However, fans should be wary and make sure that they get a Crabominable with an Iron Fist in order to add more utility in combat. As for the latter, fans should make sure that they catch a female Salandit in order to evolve it to the Salazzle.

Lastly, fans with a keen eye better not miss out on getting the Incineroar, which was said to have the highest HP from all the starter evolution in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." This Pokemon (Litten's final evolution) has a hidden ability called Intimidate, which mitigates the damage it takes from physical attacks. Moreover, the source noted that Incineroar can learn physical attack moves from nine different types.

In other news, fans looking to famr more Festival Points at the Festival Plaza in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," should consider the tips listed by iDigital Times. The source went on to detail on how fans can trick Sophocles into giving players the shop they want.

It involves players farming enough FC and going offline, just to load back in the game again and talk to certain characters in order to get the right facility shop for the Festival Plaza.

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